Licensed Electronic Resources: Standards and Codes

Searching for Standards and Codes

Industry standards and codes and government laws and regulations are available from a variety of sources: some publicly available, others requiring subscription or purchase. See below as a starting point.

Note: Connecting to SLAC or Stanford networks is required for access to licensed materials.

  1. Check the sections or links below.
  2. Check that you are downloading the most recent/current or desired version.
  3. Comply with all relevant copyright restrictions and terms of use.

Standards Available through Stanford University Libraries

SLAC personnel can access several types of standards via standards platforms supported by Stanford University Libraries SearchWorks, the Stanford University online library catalog. (To find standards, search for the name of the standard issuing organization, e.g. ASTM.)

For details on standards and platforms, see the Stanford University Libraries Standards page.


  • These platforms do not have all standards issued by a given body, only those to which Stanford has subscribed.
  • CGA (Compressed Gas Association) standards are not available through Stanford and must be purchased by your SLAC department.

Purchase of Standards and Codes

To purchase an industrial standard or code, please do so through your SLAC department.

  • Vendors include IHS Markit Standards Store, TechStreet, or the ANSI webstore.
  • Remember to confirm that you have found the most recent version of the standard or code before purchase.
  • If needed, contact the SLAC IT Service Desk to help install FileOpen plugin on your SLAC computer.
  • Remember to comply with all relevant copyright restrictions and terms of use.

Links: Standards

Links: Codes

The codes below are available free of charge to view online.