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SLAC’s Cyber team is responsible for protecting the laboratory’s users and assets against active cyber threats. The cyber landscape is ever-changing and everyone plays a role in ensuring SLAC’s data is safeguarded.

SLAC Cybersecurity’s mission is to:

  • protect the laboratory’s information resources
  • Enable the laboratory to use the best technologies that empower science 

Cyber’s objectives are to:

  • establish and maintain a risk-based program
  • provide assistance and advice 
  • maintain compliance with Department of Energy (DOE) policies
  • align with the Department of Homeland Security’s (DHS) and Stanford’s protection strategy

The services provided through the Cybersecurity Program are implemented using a consultative approach to managing cyber risk. 


Do you need to contact the Cyber Security Team? 

To Report Possible Cybersecurity Issues (including but not limited to the following):

  • Phishing Activity (spam emails, spoofed emails, etc.)
  • Account or Information Compromise
  • Lost or Stolen Devices (laptops, tablets, smartphones, storage devices, general media, etc.)

Please contact Cyber Security by sending an email to or the IT Help Desk by phone at xHELP (650-926-4357).  Please forward suspicious emails to


SLAC Cyber Program Services


Cyber Governance and Oversight

  • ​Implement policy
  • Provide cyber assurance to DOE and Stanford
  • Maintain an audit defensible cyber program

Cyber Security Requirements and Planning

  • Recommend defense strategies
  • Provide transparent defense-in-depth security operations
  • Establish a baseline for security controls

Continuous Monitoring and Assessments

  • Monitor network, system and application activity
  • Support risk management
  • Cloud assessments
  • Vulnerability scanning and management
  • Penetration testing

Incident Handling, Response and Reporting

  • Analyze and reduce cyber threats and vulnerabilities
  • Coordinate incident response
  • Provide forensics/malware analysis
  • Collaborate with DOE HQ JC3 and security community

Training and Awareness