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Cybersecurity resources

Download free Anti-Virus for your home computers

Having anti-virus protection for your PC is critical.  It can save you thousands in computer-replacement costs and protect your identity from hackers.

Please note the following guidelines for software for home use:

  • The software on this page is for home use only and must not be installed on SLAC systems.
  • The software on this page is intended only for non-business use on employees’ personal equipment.
  • SLAC IT will NOT provide support for personal machines if an issue occurs with installing, configuring, or using the software on this page.
  • You will need to troubleshoot any issues with the software on this page yourself or by contacting the software publisher.
  • You must agree to the license terms for the software provided by the publisher to use the software.
  • By downloading software from this page, you agree to all of these guidelines.


Anti-Malware options:

Sophos Home: A free/low-cost option, but we recommend researching online and assessing what best fits your needs.

ClamAV: Suggested for linux systems that require access to the SLAC VPN.


Do a security check on your browser for free

The free Qualys BrowserCheck can help you remain cyber safe. BrowserCheck can check your Internet browsers, OS, and the status of your Microsoft Updates.

The National Cybersecurity Alliance has put together more tools and resources to help you stay safe


Security tips from NCSAM

Visit the National Cyber Security Awareness Month website at to learn more about staying safe online, protecting your online identity, and keeping your computer and software up to date.


Secure Software Development Life Cycle and Scanning Process (for Developers)

Websites and web-based applications are constantly being scanned by malicious attackers looking for vulnerabilities. To combat the risk of an attacker entering a SLAC website and subsequently being able to find their way to sensitive information or otherwise compromise one of our systems, we have augmented our vulnerability management program to include more robust tools and practices. More information & details