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Mac - SLAC Cardinal Key Setup



Get your Cardinal Key Profile



  • On the screen below you will select the device if renewing an existing Cardinal Key or “This is an additional Device”.


  • Next, you will download a profile to your device.





  • After downloading the profile your browser may show you a notice and you may receive a notification on your screen that a profile has been downloaded.
  • Be sure to “Keep” the profile if prompted. This varies depending on which browser you use. These examples use Safari. You may need to open the downloaded profile from your Downloads location.


Note: Due to configuration limitations please ignore the section titled "Connect to Cardinal Key".



  • For the next step you will need to approve and install the profile. 
  •  Go to System Preferences and click on "Profiles"



  • Click on the Cardinal Key profile and then click on Install. Please note the exact profile name and System Preferences views may be different depending on your version of macOS. 



Confirm the installation

  • You may be prompted for your username and password. Enter your system username and password and click OK.

  • You can scroll through the profile to see which certificates are installed. The certificates include a Root CA, Intermediate CA, and an enrollment certification which is your Cardinal Key.

If your device falls out of compliance, when you attempt to access a Cardinal Key-enabled site, you'll be presented with a username/password prompt, without a message explaining why Cardinal Key is disabled. An example is below. You may contact the service desk and provide the text of the reason for assistance.