Software at SLAC

Important Software Purchase Information


How to acquire software at SLAC

In order for SLAC to provide the best terms, meet audit requirements, and provide for legal and cybersecurity reviews we must follow a defined process for software purchasing. SLAC IT has established site licenses for software which is available through self service tools on macOS and Windows, made available a number of software packages for direct ordering through the ServiceNow Service Catalog, with the option to request other software offerings not available through the Service Catalog.

  • Self Service software for Windows and macOS
    • Software available through operating system specific self service tools.
  • Software for Purchase
      • This form also provides the option to request “other” software not listed in the menu.
      • When selecting “other” you will be required to fill out the Software Evaluation form as noted in the catalog.
  • Software Approved for Self Purchase
    • Software and cloud-based subscriptions that may be purchased directly by non-IT staff without submitting an IT request.

Important information regarding software purchases

  • All inquiries regarding computing software purchases must be made via the "Software" item of the ServiceNow IT Service Catalog. This includes one-off purchases. Purchases may take up to 60 days for financial, legal and cyber security review.
    • An exception to this is any software on the list of "Software Approved for Self Purchase". This list has been vetted and contains software any user can purchase directly from the listed vendor.
  • You will NOT be reimbursed for software purchases made with non-SLAC funds. All software must be purchased through the standard SLAC process as described above.
  • All software purchased at SLAC must be tied to the non-named user This enables SLAC to fulfill its tracking and audit responsibilities.
    • Do not register software purchases to other email addresses. Doing so may lead to functional issues, and therefore warrant a request for an exception (unless multiple email addresses are an option, after establishing “” as primary).
  • Software purchased in support of SLAC activities (including scientific, engineering and business) can only be installed on centrally managed, SLAC-owned computers, unless an exception is explicitly granted.
  • When purchasing software NOT on the list of "Software Approved for Self Purchase", please fill out a Software Evaluation Form (SEF) and attach it to your request. You can find the link to the SEF at the top of the Software for Purchase form.
  • Be careful of "free" or demo software handed out at trade shows or conferences that extends a "limited-time" discount when it expires - such purchases still require a full review.

Cloud-based software procurement

Requests for Cloud-based SaaS solutions require a thorough Cyber Security review to determine the FedRAMP status and, if needed, perform an evaluation. For more information please read Cyber Security’s Cloud Software Procurement knowledge base article (requires authentication).

A note about timing

Software purchases are subject to financial and legal review. The amount of time required for purchases varies, depending upon such factors as:

  • Whether SLAC has previously purchased the software
  • If SLAC has a relationship with the vendor
  • Whether the product is available through a pre-approved government purchasing agreement
  • If the purchase is for a standalone, multi user, or cloud license
  • If the purchase extends an existing license or not
  • If the vendor imposes complex requirements for licensing, or otherwise a long turnaround time

Therefore, allow 60 days for turnaround of software purchases.