Connecting to the Network

SLAC Visitor Wireless Network​​

The following instructions apply to the SLAC-VISITOR wireless network, which is open to all visitors to the Lab. It provides three months of access to the Internet, but no privileged access to SLAC internal content, servers, or mission-critical applications.


To connect to SLAC’s visitor wireless network:

Select “SLAC-VISITOR” from the list of available networks, then connect.

Are you working for SLAC?

If you are a SLAC employee, sub-contractor, intern, etc. using the visitor network to perform work for SLAC, click the Employee Login button to log in with your SLAC credentials.

Already registered as a visitor?

If you have already registered as a guest user, enter your credentials, read the Policy Statement and Privacy Notice, then check the acknowledgement box and click Sign On to connect.


Registrations are valid for 90 days.

Not registered yet?

  1. If you have not registered yet, click Register for Visitor Access.

  1. Complete the registration information, then click Register.

  1. At the Registration Success screen, you can choose to print the confirmation with your PIN, or simply check the agreement box and click Sign On.

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