Dell Precision 3581

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Dell Precision 3581

Dell Precision 3581 15 Inch Laptop


For the busy bee who thrives on multitasking between multiple Microsoft Office apps, Edge, Chrome, and Firefox for your web-based apps, Remote Desktop activities, Zoom meetings.


This high-performance laptop comes fully Loaded with 32GB RAM, 4GB Graphics card, i7 Processor, built in HDMI and Ethernet ports, built in smartcard reader and weighs in at just under 4 lbs.


The 3581 laptops can be considered a substitute for a bulkier mid-range desktop but adds the flexibility of wifi and portability so you can choose where you work.



Processor: Intel Core i7-13800H vPro 14-Core CPU

Storage: 512GB SSD

Memory: 32 GB

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