Apple MacBook Pro 16"

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Apple MacBook Pro 16"


MBP 16 - Designed for those who demand more from their computer!


The MBP 16 comes with a 16.2-inch Liquid Retina XDR Display and up to 22 hours battery life to accommodate working away from your office desk.


This computer is often compared to the MBP 14. 

The MBP 16 is a step up in screen size (14.2" vs. 16.2") and weight (3.5lbs vs. 4.7lbs).

The MBP 16 gets longer battery life (70Whr vs. 100Whr. lithium polymer battery or 18 hours vs. 22 hours Apple TV playback)

and higher wattage Power Adapter (96W vs. 140W)




Processor: M3 Pro 12-core CPU

Storage: 1TB SSD

Memory: 36GB

Color: Space Black

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