December 8, 2023

Tech safety tips for a joyful 2023 holiday season

By IT Communications


As the holiday season approaches, we want to ensure that the joyous moments aren’t overshadowed by the Grinchy possibility of device theft. Yes, it’s that time of the year – not just for festivities, but unfortunately, for opportunistic thieves as well. 

We’ve curated valuable insights and resources to help you stay vigilant during the winter closure and safeguard your belongings.

Wishing you a tech-secure and joy-filled holiday season!

❄️ SLAC IT looks forward to partnering with you in 2024. 

Important reminders about taking SLAC-issued laptops on foreign travel in Countries of Risk

As many of us prepare to travel over the winter break, it’s important that we are aware of Department of Energy requirements when it comes to traveling to Countries of Risk, whether for business or vacation. 

Read this SLAC Today article for important foreign travel information.

Avoid the "HO HO Uh-Oh..." moment

'Tis the season to keep things merry and bright! Losing your devices, especially from your vehicle, not only puts a damper on your celebrations but also poses a potential security threat.

Give yourself a gift of peace of mind starting with our friendly reminder to avoid leaving laptops and electronic gadgets in your vehicle. Even if stowed away in your trunk, tech-savvy grinches armed with Bluetooth scanners might still find them.  


Tips to ensure your devices stay safe and sound 

  • Pack away charging cables.
  • Shopping for the holidays? Either leave your laptop at home or bring your devices with you. 
  • Always double-check that your car is securely locked. 

What to do if your SLAC issued device is stolen

Promptly report any theft of SLAC issued equipment to SLAC Site Security at Ext. 2551 and Property Control at Ext. 2231. If the theft occurs away from the Laboratory, you should additionally report it to the appropriate criminal enforcement agency. 

For more information please visit the Employee Responsibilities page on the Supply Chain Management website.

If you have any questions please contact the IT Service Desk.


12 IT Safety tips for the holidays
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