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Our team provides core IT services to the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory in support of the lab's overall mission of discovery.

Download the SLAC IT Org Chart


The purpose of this document is to inform the SLAC Community of the goals of the central IT organization, to document the portfolio of services the IT division currently offers to the lab, and to introduce a revised IT governance model to better prioritize IT initiatives and the allocation of IT resource in alignment with the mission of the lab.

SLAC IT currently offers approximately seventy-five centrally provided IT services to the SLAC Community. 

These services can be broken down into four broad categories. 

  1. Oversight and Planning – Strategic planning, the cybersecurity program, etc. 
  2. Systems Administration & Operations – Network engineering, ERP, identity management, etc. 
  3. Consulting & Support Services – Scientific computing, help services, web development, etc. 
  4. Applications and Productivity Tools -– Email, telecommunications, printing, applications, etc. 

In order to improve our overall service delivery and increase the value IT delivers to the lab, SLAC IT has identified four goals for the next two years. Each goal is supported by a primary initiative and two secondary initiatives. 


Download SLAC IT Strategic Plan

Download FY 22 Progress Update


The SLAC IT Council is an advisory body that provides stakeholders across the lab, especially the research community, the opportunity to inform the strategic direction of SLAC IT. The group meets monthly to provide input on the strategic priorities of SLAC IT and to provide feedback on its performance.


SLAC IT Council Objectives

  • Provide recommendations on IT prioritization
  • Provide recommendations on IT strategic roadmap
  • Advocate for the IT needs of the science community
  • Inform SLAC IT on needs of emerging research opportunities
  • Promote alignment on IT initiatives across the lab



  • Adeyemi Adesanya - TID
  • Amedeo Perazzo - TID
  • Analisa Tan - BSD
  • Ashlee Miller - IT
  • Chris Ramirez - SSRL
  • Daniel Flath - LCLS
  • Diana Cresswell - BSD
  • Eric Shupert - HR
  • Greg White - AD
  • Johannes Voss - SUNCAT / ES
  • Jonathan Russell - IT
  • Linda McCulloch - Communications
  • Lisa Bonetti - TID
  • Lydia Young - AD
  • Richard Dubois - FPD
  • Ryan Herbst - TID
  • Shane Wells - F&O
  • Terrance McMahon - ESH
  • Wayne Heiser - ESH
  • William Zangara - BSD

Meeting Coordinator: Bobbi Woody-Mistriel (IT)