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Setting up the Condeco booking application


This Knowledge Base article is intended to assist you in setting up the Condeco event planning, meeting room and personal desk space booking application. We are phasing in this application, beginning with buildings 28, 41, 50, and 53. However, it has only been rolled out to IT for initial testing and review. Please try out our new booking application and provide any feedback from your experience in the #slac-it-condeco Slack channel.

For more information, please review the Condeco Quick Start Guide

Condeco tools for space booking

The following options are available for booking meeting spaces and personal spaces:

Web Application (for desktops)

Mobile apps for iOS (iPhone only) and Android devices

Outlook 365 calendar add-in 

  • Only for conference/meeting rooms but allows you to book with Outlook Calendar and see additional details about the room you are booking.

Step-by-step Setup Instructions

Setting up Microsoft 365 integration and Outlook Add-in

  1. From your Outlook 365 Calendar, add a "New Event"
  2. Click the "Condeco" icon (may be hidden under the 3 dots (…))


  1. Click on "We have a Condeco subscription"



  1. In the Condeco URL field, enter "" and click "Send me verification email"



  1. You will receive a verification email with the Access Code. (It might appear in your junk mailbox)



  1. Input your access code, check the box, and click on "Done".



  1. Configure your profile, click on "Continue", and you’re all set.



Setting up the Web Application

  1. Access the Condeco web application:
  2. Use your SLAC credentials to log in
  3. You will land on the "Today Page", which summarizes all your desk and meeting room bookings for the day. (You might see Condeco announcements from time to time)



  1. For first-time users, you need to set up your default location:




  1. After you update your profile, you will receive a confirmation



  1. Now you are ready to start using the Condeco webapp


Setting up Condeco Mobile Applications

  1. Tap the appropriate link below from your mobile device or search for ‘Condeco’ in either the Play Store or App Store to find the Condeco app:
  2. The first time you launch the Condeco mobile app, you are prompted to enter your Condeco URL:
  3. Use your SLAC credentials to log in.
  4. If your default location and group are not already set in your Condeco user profile, you will be prompted to set them. 
  5. Once signed in and location/group defaults are set, the Today screen is displayed, which summarizes all of your desk and meeting room bookings for the day.