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Workspace Booking Initiative

STATUS: Delayed
PRIMARY POC: Allen Boxall
PROJECT MANAGER: Kornelia Kowszewicz

Objectives & Purpose 

Implementation of the Condeco Workspace Booking system, a digital scheduling tool for onsite and hybrid work. This includes personal workspace booking and meeting room booking.


SLAC IT is looking for a solution to plan and organize workspace booking as it provides on-site, remote, and hybrid work for its employees. SLAC’s new way of working needs to be reflected in changes in space allocation. The majority of SLAC IT staff are either remote or hybrid, hence part of the office area will be converted into bookable space. The staff who are scheduled to be onsite an average of 40% or less will not receive an assigned permanent workspace, they will instead utilize bookable space. Sufficient bookable space needs to be allocated to support the hybrid workforce at any given time.


  • Work-Planning Management – the workspace booking system will address the needs of SLAC’s hybrid work plan and enable flexible usage of bookable space. Additional benefits include:
  • Ease of collaboration
  • Transparency
  • Capacity optimization
  • Enhanced office experience


September 29, 2022
Building 50: Soft Go-Live

October 14, 2022
Building 53, 41, 28: Soft Go-Live

October 31, 2022
Meeting Rooms: Soft Go-Live

January 3, 2023
Final Implementation

Resources & Links

Setting up the Condeco booking application

Learn how to use Condeco