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Website Platform Upgrade


Website Platform Upgrade

STATUS: In Progress - On Schedule
PRIMARY POC: Soledad Merlo 


Objectives & Purpose

SLAC IT currently hosts approximately 140 SLAC websites using Drupal 7. SLAC’s Drupal service must be advanced to Drupal 9 or higher no later than November 2023 to maintain security updates and community support. Additionally, in line with SLAC IT’s “Cloud First” strategy, all Drupal websites must be hosted in the Cloud.

Stanford Web Services and University IT undertook a similar effort for Stanford Sites using Drupal. For more information, check out their Drupal Projects page.


A new Drupal distribution profile is being developed and will include a standard, SLAC-branded starter website, similar to one currently in use that is based on Drupal 7, that webmasters can use to develop websites. The profile will be based on Drupal version 9 or possibly version 10, and websites that use the new profile will be hosted in the Cloud.

This effort supports SLAC IT’s mission to develop and maintain modern, secure, and user-friendly websites.


November 2023

Drupal 7 community support ends.

Spring 2023

New Drupal profile available for building websites.

June 2022

New Drupal distribution development begins.

June 2021

Drupal 7 website migrations to the Cloud begin

April 2021

New Drupal distribution design begins.

March 2021

Cloud hosting agreement established.

June 2020

Design and strategy research begins.