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ERP Modernization Initiative

SLAC current business systems are reaching end of life. SLAC has partnered with Stanford to implement an integrated set of business systems that are easy to use, resilient, and provide real-time insights that better support the mission of the Lab. 

SLAC will migrate off Peoplesoft Human Capital Management (HCM) and PeopleSoft Financials and Supply Chain Management System (FSCM). This migration will be done in alignment with Stanford systems to the extent possible to reduce cost and improve efficiency. 

The goals of this project include:

  • Enhance the employee experience
  • Holistically assess areas of opportunity across the organizational structure, operating model, processes, and technology
  • Improve effectiveness, efficiency, and consistency in lab-wide processes
  • Improve data access and reporting
  • Replace end-of-life platforms with industry-leading technology


SLAC IT has created the Business Systems Solution division, led by Isabella Parkinson, to better position SLAC for this initiative.


PRIMARY POC: Isabella Parkinson

PROJECT MANAGER: Kornelia Kowszewicz

  • FY22

    Human Capital System Evaluation 

  • FY23 to FY25

    Human Capital System Migration 

  • FY26

    Financial System Evaluation

  • FY27 to FY28

    Financial System Migration