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Audiovisual Systems Upgrade


Audiovisual Systems Upgrade

STATUS: In Progress - On Schedule 
PRIMARY POC: Brian Janicula

Objectives & Purpose
SLAC IT has teamed up with Stanford UIT Audio Visual Technology services to upgrade audio-visual systems in conference rooms across the lab. This will accommodate flexible work schedules and improve the meeting experience for all participants, regardless of their work location. 

The audio-vision systems upgraded rooms will provide:

  • Quick meeting setup: Join your scheduled Zoom meeting by clicking on a single button on the room tablets to start your meeting. The meeting will automatically show all participants, both remote and in-person.
  • ​Increased engagement of all participants: All participants will be able to see each other and interact seamlessly using new upgraded cameras and microphones.
  • Standardization: Following Stanford AV standards, all new rooms are configured in the same way to make them easier to use.

January 2022
Meeting Room AV Upgrades Begin

Additional rooms will be upgraded as funding became available.

Resources & Links
Using upgraded conference rooms for hybrid meetings