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SLAC Cardinal Key now available

February 14, 2023

SLAC Cardinal Key now available

Simplified login experience and increased protection

SLAC IT is excited to announce SLAC Cardinal Key, a digital credential installed on devices that offers passwordless logins for Stanford applications, is now available on most SLAC-managed devices.

SLAC Cardinal Key eliminates the need for you to provide SUNet IDs and passwords to applications like Zoom, Axess, Cardinal at Work, Google Drive, and Slack, and it provides stronger protection for your accounts (DUO authentication will remain the same). 

Over the coming year, we plan to support using SLAC Cardinal Key to access SLAC applications, and we’ll share details as they become available. 

How to install Cardinal Key

To install SLAC Cardinal Key, your device must be managed by SLAC IT and comply with the lab’s security standards, which are already in place if your device is managed by SLAC and all software and security applications are up-to-date.  

Note: Currently, it is only supported on SLAC-managed Windows and Apple MacOS devices; personal devices are not eligible.  Support for managed Apple iOS mobile devices and others will be added soon. 

Installation should take about five minutes. If you have more than one SLAC-managed device, you must install SLAC Cardinal Key on each device. Installation and setup instructions are provided in the following Knowledge Base articles:

• MacOS Cardinal Key Set Up  
• Windows Cardinal Key Set Up 


We encourage you to ask the SLAC Cardinal Key support team questions by joining the #slac-cardinal key Slack channel.  For more information, please visit our FAQs

If you need any further assistance please contact the IT Service Desk.