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IT Guidance on new macOS and iOS versions

October 26, 2022

IT Guidance on new macOS and iOS versions

Apple has announced new releases of their macOS 13, iOS 16, and iPadOS 16 operating systems. SLAC IT provides the following guidance for upgrading.

macOS 13 Ventura
Apple announced a release date of October 24th for macOS 13 “Ventura”. This new version will bring many changes to macOS including underlying technologies, new feature sets, and graphical changes. Initial testing of Ventura has found this release to be particularly buggy in the area of user experience. Some apps load slowly, notification badges might not disappear in a timely manner, and so forth. SLAC-provided apps (Office, VPN, Code42, etc) are functional but can suffer performance impacts. 

As always SLAC IT recommends waiting a bit until Apple irons out the experience and bugs. However, you may install Ventura if you wish, but be aware support may be limited for a time. We strongly recommend holding off if you connect to outdated systems as this version deprecates some older technologies. As always, if there are any concerns about compatibility please reach out to the specific software vendors for compatibility.

For more information please visit the Apple macOS Ventura website.

iOS 16 and iPad OS 16 
Apple has released iOS 16, and iPadOS 16 will shortly follow. Testing on these versions has been very promising with little to no issues. SLAC IT recommends updating your devices to these current versions when available.

For more information please visit the Apple iOS 16 and iPadOS 16 websites.